Cravings:Guilty Pleasures What is Yours?

"Pleasure is the greatest incentive to evil” - Plato

Cravings: Guilty Pleasures, What is Yours?
by Dana R. Arevalo

Good morning.  What's your guilty pleasure? I know mine.  I have more than one.  Chocolate, ice-cream, cookies, and more.  It is no secret that I enjoy food.  The good thing is that I love good food, as well.  Therefore, I like to find small guilty pleasures so that I do not overindulge. Then it is not so much guilty, but the pleasure remains.  For me, knowing I can have small amounts of something spread out over time allows me to decrease my food cravings.  Don't forget water too.  I had to add the statement about water because most of the time one is not really hungry. Drinking enough water keeps you full.  No excuses.  I actually crave water after my kickboxing routine and drink two bottles directly after my workout. 

Everything in moderation.  I rather eliminate something little by little instead of all at once.  By no means is this an excuse.  I find that if an individual attempts to eliminate something cold-turkey or with full force then you are at a greater risk of failing.   

Also, why do we utilize the term "guilty pleasure"?  One should not feel ashamed of something they want even when they are trying to reach a goal.  Failure is nothing to be ashamed of. If something makes you "happy" do it. However, do not dwell upon failure, learn from it.  Tell yourself it is okay, but this is not going to happen to me again, find a substitute.  If it keeps happening then it is definitely an excuse. 

Speaking of substitutes, on my way home from kickboxing on Monday evening, I wanted ice-cream.  I've been working hard with my new routine so I spent awhile debating with myself on what to do.  While I was looking around CVS, I came across the cutest little "guilty pleasure". 

Skinny Cow ice-cream in a small 5.8 ounce container. It contains 160 calories and tastes wonderful.   The picture here makes it appear like a larger serving.  The price wasn't  that bad either: $1.77.  Definitely worth the guilt. 

Get skinny with Skinny Cow. 

Share your cravings and guilty pleasures. 


Come back tomorrow,
Dana :)

PS.  Tomorrow's topic: Core-gasim, yes, you read properly.  It is an exercise induced orgasim, so to speak.  I was reading an article in a magazine where they discussed core-gasims and feel like I must share ;). 



  1. I have many guilty pleasures....too many to list. But I have recently heard stay away from white sugar/flour. My biggest pleasure is my coffee - I can't drink it black. While I don't add any sugar I need to have it light w/cream. The sugar content is only 1 gram but I see the scale doeesn't like this so much. Any suggestions??? Thanks!!!

    1. Hi Danielle,

      Sugar, salt, basically everything can be bad for you especially in large quantities. I say wean yourself off of the coffee. I personally never was a coffee drinker however, it also contains a lot of caffeine. Anything is possible! Drink mostly water! With that being said, today, is National Water Day! Drink up!

      ~ D.


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