Get Motivated! Believe and Achieve

Get Motivated! Dream, Believe, & Achieve
"Believe in the What, remain positive and focused and the HOW will come" ~ The Secret

This post comes with a purpose.  I re-watched the "Secret" again this morning. I have been exercising but not to my greatest potential.  I won't allow myself to fail and every time I begin to second-guess myself or begin to make excuses, I watch the "Secret".  If I have to, I plan to watch it often. 

Overall, I truly dislike hearing negative things.  But, we are human and we have feelings and thoughts. I am not telling you not to feel anything, because someone that appears perfect and happy all the time, is almost always fake.  Allow yourself to feel them, however, don't let them control your life. Learn from the negativity. Talk about the negative things with a close friend or someone you trust, or even better write down what YOU do NOT want and focus on what you do want.  You control what comes to you! 

It's not unrealistic nor magic.  You cannot just sit there and wait for things to happen.  You have to figure out what you truly want and then take action.  Never doubt yourself, replace the negative with the positive.  And, receive what you get with gratitude.  It has nothing to do with religion, I do believe in religion, but I believe more in spirituality and knowing yourself.  You get what you give. I love to motivate and help others and tend to find friends that appreciate me for that and do the same for me. 

My biggest focus for the next 12 weeks is going to be fitness, abs, exercise, kickboxing, eating healthy and drinking lot under the direction of Fitness Frank.  Can't wait to reveal my after pics...Here is one of my before pictures.

Expect nothing but what you truly want ~ NEVER SETTLE. 

If you want to change your life watch The Secret

Have an awesome day!


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