Got Fat? presents Kristy Small's Fitness Debut Plus her Business AndLive

"Exercise is labor without weariness." - Samuel Johnson

Got Fat? presents Kristy Small's Fitness Debut Plus her Business AndLive

One morning, during my usual social media spree, I noticed Kristy and her dedication to keeping herself and her family healthy with fabulous nutrition choices but more importantly a solid exercise routine.  Many times I noticed Kristy was exercising with her kids.  More importantly, Kristy means business, she has lost several inches.  Kristy is proof that hard work pays off.  So I asked Kristy to share her story with us: 

Kristy says:  Since February 3rd, I've been exercising regularly, aside from a nasty virus I caught at the end of the month.  I start out by doing a kickboxing workout I found on Fios On-Demand.  The video can be found here and I highly recommend it.  However, I wanted something that held me a bit more accountable when I had no motivation.  I started a group on Facebook and included a few online friends that had shown interest and joined a friend who had started the workouts.  Bodyrock is an interval training program where you perform high intensity workouts for short periods of time rather than longer routines of lower intensity spread out a few days a week. 

I currently do their 30 Day Challenges that involve 12 minutes of 50 seconds on and 10 seconds of rest for each intense move, Monday through Friday with weekends for active rest.  A lot of it is combat or circuit training and while it may leave you a little sore through the week, it's not as bad as working out a muscle group one day and having to wait another day or two before being able to again.  They also break down the routines into advanced and beginner moves with alternates for those without equipment or fitness level.  There is absolutely no excuse (aside from medical) that someone can't do these workouts.  It's all about just pushing yourself and doing what you can.  There is no one to impress but yourself.

I have lost a total of 12.5" all over, including 3" in my waist so far.  I can also do a lot more than when I started.  I am pretty amazed at the strength that I've gained in such a relatively short period of time.  The best part is that in doing only 12 minutes a day, it doesn't take away time from my children or from my home business.

Dana says:  I am so proud of Kristy.  She found what worked for her, gave it her all, and has the results to prove it. All done in the comfort of her own HOME. She is also extremely talented, visit AndLive today, I've purchased her homemade soaps, very good quality.  I may treat myself to the soap of the month club.  KUDOS KRISTY. 

Follow Kristy's example, get moving....NO Excuses. 

Thank you Kristy for sharing, I will be following your results. 

Warm Regards,
Dana and Got Fat? xo

Coming tomorrow:  My quick healthy dinner. 


  1. Thank you, Dana! It's still hard to believe how quickly you can get results with just exercise alone. I'll be the first to admit that my diet needs a lot more improvement. I just need to remind myself how much more I can accomplish when I get there.

  2. Kristy,

    Agreed. I've been very consistent with kickboxing (MMA based) for almost one full year. I am in great shape, toned, muscular - have shoulder muscles - never did before. I need so much work, however, on nutrition. If I had that down pat, I would be cut with abs etc...and that's one of my biggest goals. We will get there - keep moving forward and setting goals. You got this! Check in often.

    Enjoy your day.


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