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“Keep your dreams alive. Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication. Remember all things are possible for those who believe.” ~ Gail Devers

Big shout out to Guerrero MMA in Caldwell, NJ.  I had the opportunity to watch three amazing fights in Chester, PA at Harrah's Casino on Saturday evening.  They were extra amazing because the fighters are a part of the school that I attend for kickboxing classes every week.  They also have Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and other great programs.  Max and Sempai(s) Rick and Fabian are all extremely talented, all three won their fights.  The students got to train along side with them and I think we, the students/supporters may have screamed the loudest during their fights. 

On the morning of their fight, I was scrolling through the supportive messages and felt a 'Good Luck' to these guys wasn't needed one bit.  If you watched them train you would understand my feelings. They remained focused and never complained. I wrote the following for them that morning,  ~ "I'm going to say something rather than 'Good Luck', because it's not about luck, it is about mindset and preparation.  All of you show a great will, focus, and passion for MMA.  That is what is going make a difference.  You are ready to do this...Ready to Win!" 

Master Johnny Guerrero trained them to 'win'.  He is a great example of a motivational leader, instilling not only technique but motivation into his students and fighters.  They trained seven days per week and gave it their all.  They had an amazing boxing coach and training camp, in general.   If practice makes perfect, they all perfect for different reasons.  Sempai Rick always has heart,will and desire but I sensed an extremely  small sense of  "hesitancy".  I watched this hesitancy turn into true courage and belief in his abilities very fast and it showed in the cage.  He knew he was winning. During the fight, after being pinned (not for long), he emerged and choked out his opponent in less than two minutes during the first round.  Sempai Fabian always has a positive animated attitude telling everyone to 'smile' and is "always" training.  Sempai Fabian showed awesome technique during the fight and makes cage-fighting look simple.  Both are great instructors, they take the time to observe each and every student, correct their mistakes and give them lots of praise. Max also has an amazing attitude toward MMA.  I've just met Max, but from what I observed he also has lots of heart and a never give up attitude.  Max went the whole length and won the fight by decision.   

I've always believed "attitude" and "focus" can make you or break you.  In this art it's not all power and strength, it's technique, skill, and focus.  Walking in distracted and unsure will break you.  Walking in the cage with confidence and skill allowed them all to be victorious.  I cannot wait to see their next fight! 

Congrats to all again, and I am so "proud" of Max, Fabian, and Rick and to be a part of Guerrero MMA.  Make your dream a goal and follow the path to achieve it, it is always possible! 




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