How To Control your Sweet Tooth?


How do you handle your sweet tooth?

I have such a sweet tooth! No, correction a sweet mouth! Sugar sugar sugar is my love! Chocolate and Ice cream are my weaknesses!! I'm not a big fan of fried foods, fatty meats, or greasy snacks but I could punish a pint of ice cream in one setting!
So how do I keep it under control?

I replace my sweets with something that has less sugar, less fat, and eat only one serving of that replacement. For example,

Instead of two servings of regular ice cream. I have one serving of fat free/ less sugar ice cream or (what works the best) fudge bars that are only 80 calories.

My favorite trick that I have used for the longest time is Shakeology! I would drink a cup of 1% or fat free milk with Shakeology. Taste just like chocolate milk but it's healthier!

Instead of chips, wheat rice crackers or peanuts are good replacements. Remember only one serving, not the whole bag.

 To control my sweet tooth I would chug a class of water and wait awhile. People tend to confuse hunger with thirst, which is why it is important to keep hydrated.

Eating fruits is another way to satisfying my sweet tooth because it's full of sugar!!!! But the healthy type of sugar!

Whatever you do.....please do not. ...not avoid that sweet tooth!!! If you do then one day that tooth will get fed up from deprivation and take control!! AHHHHH! LOL
 You will find yourself eating two pints of ice cream and more!!! (I talk from exsperience! LOL)  Leaving you feeling guilty, and with guilt there is less motivation, and without motivation your goals to a healthy lifestyle fails!

Yup...that is how important it is to give what the tooth wants!! But only in small portions!!

Small portions throughout the the key! The tooth will be happy...and so will you...x)  Read my Blog about How to Eat Small Protions.

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How do you control your sweet tooth?

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