I workout to Eat!


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I Workout to Eat!

I LOVE FOOD!!! I just realized the main reason why I workout! I workout to EAT! I am able to consume MORE CALORIES when I workout! HE HE HE… I love food!!! I snack all day and eat small meals. My snacks are usually fruits and Shakeology!

I’m home all day! I am a stay at home mommy, I do everything at home from work to school. Since I'm home all day it's easy to find myself in the kitchen looking for something to eat especially when I get bored.

I’ve had such a hard time breaking the habit of eating when I get bored, so I decided to change the portions and type of food I eat. If I couldn’t break the habit them I needed to modify it!!

Now instead of eating big portions, and fatty foods. I’ve been snacking on fruits all day! Because I snack all day, I’m not starving during meal time, helping me eat even smaller portions. Naturally, I stop eating because I’m simply not hungry!!! Eating small portions throughout the day, boosts up the metabolism which promotes weight loss.

Korean food is one of my weaknesses!!! I’ll eat and eat and EAT till I’m overstuffed!!! Because I KNOW myself so well….. I know I can’t have Korean food in the house, or else I’ll eat till I pop! Since I’ve limit the amount of Korean food in my house, I’ve had better control of my portions!

Maybe stopping a habit completely won’t work for you; maybe you need to modify it?
Feel free to contact me if you’ll like help in ways to modify your habits!

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