Let's Do It, No Excuses

Let's Do It! No Excuses

by Dana R. Arevalo

Good Morning!  Over the past couple of days, the weather has been  absolutely gorgeous.  So, there should be NO EXCUSES for you, YES YOU to get yourself out and in gear.  We've discussed this before a big part of exercise and completing your goals is motivation and complete dedication.  Being  only partially involved will not help.  Even when you feel that you do not want to exercise or you are ready to give up remember that you CAN do it.  That's what we are here to do, to keep you moving and motivated today and everyday. 

No dream is impossible.  A goal begins with a dream.  Then you must add actions, hard work, and dedication to it and BAM before you know it you are there.  Another way to think of it is ~ finding or discovering your BLISS.  Bliss is an exaggerated state or LOUD/BOLD state of being happy and satisfied.  Exercise can put you in this state.  I guarantee you that you will leave the gym and or your activity every time in a state of BLISS if you give it your all.  There is no greater sense of accomplishment and satisfaction than giving something your all and flaunting your results. Go and get results, what are you waiting for?

No Excuses....get moving today!

Warm Regards,
Get Motivated! 

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