Getting Started!!

Welcome back to Fitness with Frank!  Glad to see you have returned to read my second installment here.  What this means is that you have already taken your first step on your journey.  It means that you are ready to make a change.  It means you are ready to learn and make the necessary adjustments in your life to really make it happen.  Like I said in my previous article it will not be an easy journey but it will be one of the most rewarding; for the rewards you gain are ones no one can take from you.   Read on as I list off below the first steps towards success.

First off, let me make this clear and up front.  The results DO NOT come over night.  Yes, I know this is disheartening however it is the cold hard truth.  Too many people do not see the results immediately and give up.  Please do not succumb to this pitfall.  Ask yourself, Did I get fat overnight?  Did I become out of shape overnight?  The answer is NO you did not.  So please don’t expect the opposite to be true as well.  Give me 90 days of 100% effort, hell give me 90 days of 90% effort and I guarantee you will see results, real measurable results.  Here are what you need to get started. 

First get a note book and write on it whatever you want on the cover to get you motivated.  Put a picture of what you want to look like.  Put a picture of an attractive male or female on it. Put a favorite quote you have on it.  Put stickers on it. I don’t care what you do to it but MAKE IT YOURS.

Second you need a good scale, now the number on the scale is NOT everything but it is a good barometer to see where you stand.  You should be hopping on that scale ONCE a week at the same time.  So Monday morning when you wake up hop on that scale and write down your weight in that note book of yours with the date.  You will not see that scale again untill the following Monday.  Weighing yourself everyday will give you inaccurate numbers leave you depressed and un motivated.  We are going to eliminate that from the equation by giving you a full seven days to get on track.  See it is already getting easier than you thought!

Third you need to set realistic goals of what you want to accomplish.  Do you want to lose some weight? Put on a little muscle? Look better in the mirror? Feel better about yourself?  Pick your goal now.  Write it down in your book.  Want to lose 30lbs? STOP, that is not a realistic goal for a beginner.  Is it possible? Absolutely! However we want to take small steps, readily attainable goals that will help build confidence we do not want to be setting ourselves up for failure this early in the game.  The thing here is BE REALISTIC.

Fourth is get your camera out, in your underwear in front of a mirror and take a picture.  I’m serious, do not skip this fourth step.

So you may be asking why did I do this?  Why didn’t I send you out to GNC to buy the newest diet pill.  Why didn’t I link you to 10 minute abs?  Because it is not necessary! Then you may ask why didn’t I send you on your way to the gym with some fancy program?  Remember there are many footsteps on our journey.  What I have done here is I just have held YOU accountable for your fitness goals and success.  YOU and YOU alone have control over your goals.  I’m here merely shining that light on the path in the darkness.

Hope to see you in my next installment!
Keep calm and train on!
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