10 Day Start Right Program

Welcome to TGIF With Fitness2Love!!!
I want to Introduce...
10 Day Start Right Program

This Program a step by step instruction to a healthy lifestyle. Each day you’ll have a task to achieve.

Each task is a closer step to healthy living and weight loss.

This program is designed for people
  • Who tend to get lost and frustrated when trying to lose weight.
  • Who do not know where to start when trying to lose weight.
  • Who do not know where and what type of physical activity to do.
  • Do not know how to eat healthy.

In the end of this 10 day start right program you’ll have
  1. Motivational tools displayed around the house
  2. A workout program to follow
  3. Knowledge on healthy eating
  4. A handful of Free resources to use
  5. Healthy Recipes
  6. Shakeology Smoothie Recipes

My goal is set you up for success from the beginning till the end. This program is to ease the stress and confusion people tend to get when starting a new fitness journey.

This program is NOT a quick way to lose weight!


  1. Jen,

    Thanks! I'm doing awesome with my routine, switching it up but exercising 4 or more days per week. My issue remains my nutrition!

    This looks informative - Let's do it!

    I want to do an ab contest - let's talk!

    xo - D - xo


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