Beauty Corner: Take Care of your Skin

Beauty Corner:
Take Care of Your Skin

by DRA

I cannot emphasize how important it is to take care of your skin.  I have to thank my mom for my skin philosophy.  When I was younger I "loved" the tanning salon.  I haven't been to one in several years, furthermore if I am in the sun....I apply tons of sun-screen.  Many people rather look tan now, well, you are not going to like it very much when you begin to get tough, wrinkled looking skin. 

Sun damage is ugly.  I rather be pale with smooth radiant skin rather than tan with a "weathered" look so to speak.  Not convinced?  Next time you go to the beach take notice of some of the "sun-bathers" skin, many look old before their time.  I am not saying stay out of the sun, use sunscreen no matter what your skin type is.  Many cosmetic and beauty companies also have some great self-tanning products that don't turn you orange (great future post). 

Dana's skin philosophy - Apply a daily moisturizer with SPF 15 plus.  I also use anti-aging creams to be proactive.  Currently I am using products such as - ROC, Neutrogena,  and Avon's Reversalist. 
Don't try and be cute and use baby oil....eventually you will be sorry.   Save your skin, start today.  Check out this awesome new product from AVON.  Don't miss out!


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