A Congratulations is in ORDER

Quick yet meaningful post.

We asked - YOU told.

My philosophy, don't ask unless you want to know the truth and furthermore, never be afraid to tell someone the truth, just be you.

With that said: Kristy U Rock!!!

While we didn't have many entries I feel we didn't because no one could top your beautifully written review. I could be shallow and pick one in which someone rates us a high score but I was after truth. I am all for truth and then improvement. I want to deliver something someone wants to come back for. Kristy's answer was bold but respectfully accepted. And, I've implemented some of her suggestions.

Thank you for being honest and you have earned the prize.

Check your email sending your prize today!!!

Tomorrow we are going to talk to one of our newest contributors - Mr. T. Sanders and why he loves Brazilian. Jiu Jitsu. Bjj is a true art....keep visiting.

Stay Determined and Motivated!

Pssssst. I've been attending my kickboxing as I promised myself..2 days down 2 to go! I even pulled my hair back in two braids...;).

-D & Got Fat?


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