Fitness As A Lifestyle

Fitness as a Lifestyle

by Contributing Author Tai Sanders

Physical fitness should be a lifestyle, not a get in shape for X- mentality. The problem with the get in shape  for X-mentality is that once the goal is accomplished the goal of being healthy stops. It's equally as important to maintain that lifestyle that you created trying to get in shape. Programs like the ever popular p90x are meant to get you used to working out a set number of days for a specific period, so that it becomes "routine". The trick is once the 90days (or whatever the  timeframe)  is over one must keep going and continue not just stop and say "that's it", I have reached my goal. When that usually happens you lose everything you worked for because you forgot that the program was meant to be a "routine" something made to create a habit not just a one time deal.

Fitness should be something that's done everyday.  Over the long run you will feel better look better and accomplish your goals. Simple things like walking instead of driving when the destination is a short distance away, taking the stairs instead of the elevator and drink more water than juice when done consistently creates many good habits that will in turn create better ones and you will slowly but surely see the benefits. Focus on the lifestyle of health not the new fad that's out in the end.  The old saying is true "slow and steady wins the race".


  1. Absolutely! Health and fitness is a lifestyle not a short term goal.


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