Hard Core For Abs

Bad Ass in Training.

Good Day loves ;).

So on Monday early am I had a brief conversation with this inspirational fitness hottie, who will remain nameless. I am slightly lost with dieting and my routine. Although I have a great thing going. I can't seem to always incorporate the gym into my routine. One of my biggest concerns is muscle weighs more than fat. And, while I'm starting to look damn good and fit into anything I want, I don't want to weigh over 160 nor do I want to be "skinny". Fat and skinny don't look good on me - I'm all about...being defined and ripped.

Ever hear of that book "Skinny Bitch" well my goal is to be a "Fit Bitch". I'm getting serious now so it's time to fling the chocolate out of the window and no more damn excuses. I told him and I'll share with you I constantly fight with food. I don't like following rules, and hate being told what to do but, everyone needs some help and guidance here and there.

I am very inspired and motivated. I will be successful in this journey so join me. We are getting serious! Abs in July.

I've been granted running, diet and kickboxing privileges no gym for now. Ran for 2 straight miles today and walked another two. Ab exercises are a must. Unlimited water supply is a must. Water refreshes every part of your body. Lunch consisted of salad topped with nuts (small amount) cranberries, plain tuna/no mayo and two tablespoons of dressing.  Watch your labels!     

Sample routine this week will be M,W,F Sunday run. Tuesday And Thursday kickboxing. Abs 3 days per week not including kickboxing days because we do at least 100 plus crunches.

See my ab progress below. Going to take a picture every week.

If you like my stomach and advice keep visiting. Bye for now!

Dana :)


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