Interviews Coming Soon...Nick Newell XFC Signed MMA Fighter

Hello TGIF,

I must say I'm psyched!!!

I have a very inspirational and motivational interview in the works with Nick Newell professional MMA fighter. He has a tremendous amount of heart. An inspiration to all....he proves impossible is nothing. His mom wouldn't let him give up despite any difficulty that crossed his path. Best of all he is a down to earth, sweet guy and has promised to let me interview him. His next fight is next Friday, April 13th.

Had to share. I also have two other interviews in the works, one with a talented boxing/MMA coach and Monica an author after my own heart.

Enjoy your weekend,

PS I felt so discouraged yesterday in kickboxing class. I am not training to become professional however I like to know what I'm doing. We are doing diverse drills and I wasn't getting it. But thanks to reviewing Nick's story and great trainers like Sempai Fabian and the motivation of all the students at Guerrero MMA I'm going to give it my all. Can't wait until Mondays class.


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