One on One with Monica Leonelle:Social Punk

"COME with ME if YOU want to LIVE" - the Terminator

One on One with Monica Leonelle of
Social Punk
by DRA 

I am currently reading and enjoying Social Punk written by author Monica Leonelle.  I truly like Social Punk thus far. Very futuristic.  Monica truly rocks...she is a down to earth sweetie with a passion for writing.  I recommend her work to all.  She is also extremely knowledgeable about publishing, engaging her audience, marketing, and social media.  Let's learn more about the lady behind SOCIAL PUNK....

1) What or who inspired you to become a writer?

I feel like I mostly write because I can't help it. I love to write and that's how I express myself, day in and day out. I can never understand how people want to be writers or authors when they don't write. I always think, "Then why aren't you writing every day?" I organically average at least 2,000 words a day writing. When I'm finishing up a manuscript, I average closer to 5,000 words a day. This is just what I do, so I never believe people who say they're going to write something but just don't have the time.

2) Who are your favorite authors? 

CS Lewis. I also love contemporaries like JK Rowling, Suzanne Collins, and Cassandra Clare.

3) Do you favor one genre over another? If so, why?

Everyone has their favorites! I love fantasy and science fiction, particularly in the YA category. I find regular people and life fairly boring for the most part. Plus, I love new worlds!

4) What is the first step one should take in becoming an author?

Patience! It's the worst thing to tell a writer. I hate hearing it too, which is why I'm saying it now. To remind myself to have patience with writing. It's not easy to make a living at it. A lot of people advise that if you can see yourself doing anything besides writing, you should do that instead.

5) What is your favorite quote? 

"Come with me if you want to live." haha, not really. Though I did love the Terminator movies as a kid. They inspired Socialpunk. And, you can see this quote mirrored in Socialpunk.

Cute Facts About Monica:
  • My favorite color is pink, with purple as a close second
  • I’m one of those hopelessly optimistic, glass-half-full people
  • I get a little snarky sometimes, but it’s mostly funny, not mean
  • Superman is my favorite superhero, forever and always
  • I only play sports that require cute clothes, like volleyball, tennis, and golf
  • My dog is adorable—maybe the cutest thing ever

Wow! I loved getting to know more about Monica. My motto is very similar to hers - "I love to write, as it allows me to express myself freely without judgement". Monica's  philosophy about writing is engaging...can't wait to finish Social Punk and follow up with a review!  Stay Tuned!


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