Pumped and Hyper

Short & Informal post. I'm pumped and very hyper.. That's an awesome attitude to possess especially before a workout. I'm simply motivated by just looking at my progress and knowing I will reach my goal. Music helps as well but I have reached the point where I don't need it. I have me, my thoughts, my determination and proof...results are beginning to become defined.

Don't get me wrong, I do have faults and make mistakes but they do not affect my ability to excel....let's do this!
Your core will thank you ;).

Starting next week, I will post a pic of my ab progress....be sure to visit. Today, however I will include a before pic I took in March and a side view that I took over the weekend. But, last week after doing 100 plus crunches my whole mid section was visible, never looked better. There is a foundation there so it's only a matter of getting it to pop. I WILL meet my goal!

Feeling on top of world,
D xo

Hope this motivates YOU!

Water, salad, and grilled chicken are my new best friends. Work out hard you will crave hydration....


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