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Detox, cleanse, rejuvenate, and renew your body. There are so many cleansing pills, diets, drinks, and supplements. There is even a COLON CLEANSE!!!!  Sorry Jacky (my Sister) But I’ll have to pass on a colon cleanse! I always wondered what was the point of a “Cleanse”  or “Detox”.  I knew it involved supplementing your diet for a period of time in order to rid of bad bacteria in our bodies. Getting rid of build up or bad bacteria helps our body function properly. But after Reading an article about the Clean Program, only know I fully understand why it’s important for us to cleanse our body.

Don’t you ever wonder why apples take FOREVER to decay?  Have you noticed how chicken nuggets look after a few hours?  Ever wonder why Kids are developing early? Everything is artificial, stuffed, and processed! Our body is being poisoned by these toxins in our foods. I will admit, not everything in my kitchen is healthy. I do my best to buy whole foods like fruits, vegetables and whole grain. However, I’m positive there are foods in my kitchen that I think are “healthy”, but are not! Everything is bad for us now these days. We can do our best to buy natural foods, cook at home, workout, and avoid eating TOO MUCH of one thing. Moderation is key.

However, I would recommend a cleanse once in a while, especially before a starting a new fitness journey. It’s a perfect way to mentally and physically cleanse you and prepare for a new beginning. It’s giving your body a jump start to weight loss!  

I’ve personally do shaekolgy cleanses once in awhile.  The Shakeology cleans Includes drinking Shakeology smoothies three times a day for three days, eating FRESH fruits and vegetables for snacks and one healthy meal. Look up Shakeology ingredients at MyShakeology.

Have you done a Cleanse before? Which one? How did you feel after?
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