Thank God I'm Fabulous

"If you have enough people sitting around telling you you're wonderful, then you start believing you're fabulous...." - Angelina Jolie 
Thank God I'm Fabulous
by DRA

Happy Friday!  Happy everyday.  I may complain at times but at the end of the day I know that I am fabulous (you are too).  If one is able to believe - all things are possible. In other words, YOU are what you believe you are. You really are, that is the plain and simple truth.  We attract what we put out into the world.  Want to be negative? Negative things will begin to happen..this is a big NO.  It's a simple equation be positive and positive things will happen. Be you - be fabulous.

I wanted to post a quick shout-out to Nick Newell, pro XFC signed MMA fighter who will fighting today!  MMA! His current stats are 6 - 0, later to be 7- 0.  He has been successful in Round 1 of all his fights!  Yeah Nick!  His fighting style is Muay Thai - that's what I do two times per week!!!  (This week 3)!  He promised me an interview, coming soon!   

Xtreme Fighting Championships are holding open professional try-outs in June!  Do it!

Being fabulous doesn't only apply to sport accomplishments it can be applied to life in general.  Be you - be fabulous everyday.  I am still learning to never use the words "I cannot"  because "I can" and so can you with "belief".  Keep telling yourself "you can" and "you will".

Truly enjoy today and your weekend.  I will be participating in a small MS walk this weekend.   This is the 3rd year I am participating for this great cause.  I plan to run part of the way. If you would like to donate National MS Society & TEAM Cindy

Cindy  is an amazing person, whom despite this horrible disease kicks butt everyday still working and helping others ALL the time.  Selfless and extremely inspirational!  Only the STRONG survive.

Love and believe always,
D & Got Fat? xo


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