Welcome Mr. Tai Sanders: Why BJJ?

Welcome Tai!
by DRA

One of Tai's favorite quotes:  "Your future is created by what YOU do today, not TOMORROW" ~ RTK

I have met Tai through Guerrero MMA in Caldwell, NJ where you can find me at least two days per week. He is always positive and gives great advice and inspiration to students and friends alike; so why not share with everyone. I am all about motivation, it keeps me strong and focused. Without further adieu let's meet Tai! Mr. T should be able to stop in here once per week to deliver some great advice.

age 30
likes working out, reading, animals, children, laughing, roller coasters
martial arts taken: Capoeira, Ninjitsu, Taekwondo, judo, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
martial arts heroes: Bruce lee, Michael Jai White, Mike Tyson
Loves: family and friends

Dana asked:  Why BJJ - what do you find motivating about it?

Tai answered:  I have been doing martial arts since I can remember. I don't really remember a point in my life where martial arts wasn't a part of it. I have studied many martial arts throughout my life such as Ninjitsu, Karate, Taekwondo, Capoeira and many other but Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, there is definitely something about it.

Many people refer to BJJ as kinetic chess, the bodies in motion move in strategic places like pieces on the chess board. You have to bate/trap your opponent for a check mate i.e submission. It takes a lot of skill and knowledge not just brute strength and physical ability; someone 70lbs less than their opponent can easily have a victory because of their knowledge of the chess board (in this case the human body). It evens the playing field for the self defense aspect and shows that technique is superior to strength. As a self-defense martial art to me there is no other comparison. Most fights end up on the ground at one point and the person who knows Brazilian Jiu Jitsu clearly will have the upper hand. Back to the chess analogy the BJJ practitioner knows exactly how to move his pieces where the attacker has no knowledge of the game board(which is the ground) or how the pieces(his limbs) move. The environments are great as well just a whole bunch of friendly people laughing learning and playing human chess.

I absolutely LOVE the analogy that Tai provided, I often go to my class early to watch the BJJ students in action.  The way they move is amazing.  It takes a lot of focus and skill.  I hope you have enjoyed learning more about Tai and the art of BJJ. See below for some pics of Tai in action.  Come back tomorrow and often! 

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