Why Hydration is Necessary!


Lots going on. I don't like disappointment at all and don't want to let you guys down so my posts over the next several weeks are going to be more like little blurbs. But we are still here to motivate and support everyone's efforts.

I have a lot of decisions to make in the next couple of days. My passion is exercise, fitness, and motivation. My creative ability in writing has taken over. I think I pretty much got it so my special surprise is my writing has taken me one step towards becoming published. Anyone can become a contributor on Yahoo, however not everyone gets published and more importantly featured. About a week ago I decided to fill out an application to become a featured Y! Contributor and I think I've got it! Featured makes you an expert so to speak in your field. Embarrassingly, yesterday my article was returned to me for "spelling" mistakes. Oops. So the message pretty much said Dana, fix your damn spelling mistakes and your in...a mistake I will never ever make again.

On a fitness note, I've been kicking ass . And, never realized how important water was. See attached pic. Some people line up their beers, I lined up my empty water bottles from yesterday. With that said, water is like the oil in your car, the oil for your body to continue to function at peak performance.

Hydrate yourself to keep moving!

Thanks for stopping by! Get your butt moving, No excuses!


Always always looking to network, in fact, I truly need some individuals who are passionate about exercise. I'll be the judge danaarev@gmail.com let's talk.


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