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A few months ago I attended a cycling class. I will admit I walked into that class with a big head on my shoulders. Being a runner and Insanity user I thought cycling was up my alley. Man was I wrong!!! What a workout!!
The muscles used to cycle are different muscles used to run!! Which is why I was in pain within 20 minutes into the class. Muscles that I normally do not use had a wake up call! The only advantage I had was my anaerobic training from running, which I realized needed improvement after taking that class!
I found cycling to be uncomfortable and awkward. Cycling is not a natural position compared to running. I was worried if I was doing it properly the whole time. Eventually after taking a few more cycling classes, it became Less awkward and easier.... Well easier compared to the first time! I highly recommend cycling! It's an awesome workout! (Blog post- Benefits of Cycling)

Here is the proper way to cycling

The seat of the bicycle should be adjusted to a height where when you are sitting on it, your leg should be slightly bent with your foot on the pedal.
If you can lock your leg (knees), the seat is too high.
Find a body position that is comfortable for you Not matter what anyone else says. (everyone is different) If you are uncomfortable you won't stick with it.
Keep at your intensity level! Do not over train!
Cycle at your target heart rate for at LEST 20 min!
avoid overheating internally and wear light weight absorbent clothing.

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