The NEW you With a BABY!

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Here is a little advice to all my Pregnant Friends!!!

First of all, you are NOT eating for two! LOL… You should be eating only 300 calories more then you normally would. Talk to your doctor about working out NOW. Working out now will help you lose the baby fat quickly!  PS Check out this workout video for pregnant women.

After having your angel come into your life DO NOT stress about losing weight. Enjoy your little one!  Give yourself time to adjust to mother hood.  I was in a rushed to lose weight; I worked out before my 6 week recovery and pulled something which didn’t go away for a while! After that I did my best to embrace my saggy, ocean liked belly (lol) and focused on my baby.

 Be prepared! Do not expect to get your old body back. Your body will never be the same as it was before! But it’s ok because now you have a child, an angle, true love with you always! Eventually once your doctor says it’s ok to workout, slowly get back into a fitness routine. Until then love yourself because if you don’t you’ll end up hurting yourself more than you think. Some people turn to food with their insecurities, making matters worse.

My body is definitely not the same as it was before! My chest went back in time to Jr. high and my butt is….well….…is a losing battle. I’m smaller than I’ve ever been mainly because after having my son I was determined to live a healthy life NOT a Diet. I eventually lost all my baby weight and more but my body will never be the same. It’s ok though, I’ve learn to love my new body! It’s the NEW me and MY BABY!
(Picture of my Sister, baby, and ME)

Once you’ve gotten the flow of being a mother, start making time for yourself. Do NOT get lost into the stressful life of mother hood; DO NOT lose yourself mentally or physically. Yes, your baby is NOW your first priority but it’s ok to take 30 minutes out of the day for YOU!  Starting a fitness program will only help you become a better mom. Fitness releases stress and enhances mental awareness.  I don’t see any down fall about fitness. 

Need help getting started? Need ideas? Need a fitness program that fits your busy life? Want a fitness program you’ll enjoy? Let’s Talk! I can help! Follow my blog for motivation and tips!

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