Romaine vs Iceberg: Does the Type of Lettuce you eat matter?

"Self delusion is pulling in your stomach when you step on the scales."- Paul Sweeney

Does the type of Lettuce you eat matter?
by DRA

I love salad.  The problem is, I also love dressing.  While I have been extremely careful of reading labels and only using the suggested serving size, too much salad dressing defeats the purpose of a salad. This leads to the question what is the purpose of a salad and what type of lettuce does one use?  

Both questions have the same answer - it depends upon the reason why you are eating the salad.  I've always enjoyed salad maybe once or twice a week as a side and occasionally as my lunch.  Problem is if I grabbed a salad at a salad bar or restaurant, at times I would stack on unhealthy items such as, croutons, olives, the macaroni salads, the cold-cuts, cheese, and the dressing.  My new purpose for eating salad is to remain healthy an fit.   Therefore, I pick items such as tomato, grilled chicken, tuna without mayo, onions, peppers, nuts, dried cranberries, cucumbers - be creative add in your favorite healthy veggies - like raw broccoli or carrots.  No dressing - oil and vinegar is key.  I personally just use red-wine vinegar and top it with Italian seasoning (oregano, parsley, basil).  Delicious and healthy! 
I almost forgot the purpose of this entry - does the type of lettuce matter?  My answer, again is that depends.  If you are eating to be fit and healthy then I would choose Romaine lettuce over Iceberg.  Calorie wise they are very similar - nutrition wise Romaine contains more vitamins and anti-oxidants.    So don't freak out if the store has Iceberg on sale, you can use it.  I know, before writing this, I had embedded in my head that Iceberg was forbidden.  While Romaine is healthier - vitamin wise, Iceberg is not forbidden.  I think it is more important to concentrate on what you are putting in your salad or how you are dressing your salad. 


Reference:  Livestrong Article


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