Sharing Some Links on Healthy Eating and More

"A charming woman is a busy woman" - Loretta Young

Sharing Some Links on Healthy Eating & More
by DRA

Good Afternoon!  I have been extremely busy lately.  All positive.  I have not been able to conduct the research that I wanted to do this week in a timely manner, but I promise to deliver all of the topics I proposed last Friday.  I may post on Saturday and Sunday, if time permits. 

Today I am going to share some links of some recipes and ideas that caught my eye, along with a summer poem that I wrote and a link to an article that I wrote.  All fun items! 

First the healthy recipe via WebMD a peach salad.  This is for you if you enjoy eating healthy and mixing salad with fruit.  I love fruit in salad (apples), they also say that tomato is a fruit. 

This morning I received an email from a company called Recipes 4 Living.  It was called "11 Great Grilled Veggie Sides".  I love vegetables, however, grilled veggies are better.   My favorite was Mediterranean Grilled Chopped Vegetable Salad with Feta. See their ideas here: 

Summer Poem

A Taste of Summer

Childrens laughter is heard loud, bold, and is filled with joy
The sounds of summertime fill the air, something that could never be coy

Suntan lotion, cookouts, and the smell of the ocean and flowers
The smell of summertime is apparent, a time when one can reminisce for hours

Soft blankets, hot sand, cold water, sticky ice-pops and clay
The touch of summertime is upon us, a time for children to play

Hide and go seek, beautiful weather, sprinklers, and children running around the park
The sight of summertime is here, a time where children are allowed to play after dark

Sweet cherries, watermelon, peaches, strawberries, and honey-dew
The taste of summertime is delicious, one wishes the time, smell, sight, touch, and taste would last forever, without a final adieu

To view more written by me visit me at Yahoo! Contributor.

Finally, and definitely off topic for healthy food or summer.  Children and cell phones.  When is the right time to get them one?  Click here. 

Signing out for now.  Hope you enjoyed this post.

Enjoy today & every day,
~Dana xo



  1. Liked the article alot Dana, especially the poem! Gonna check out those recipes too! Thanks!!

  2. Hi Dave!

    Thank you for visiting. I am happy that you enjoyed my post. I get a daily email that has awesome recipes. The best part is they are very healthy.

    Visit again!

    Dana :)


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