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411 on cooling down

I truly love love love cooling down after a workout!!! After sweating for 40min! Cooling down is the easiest,best and last part of my workout program for the day. I love feeling that sense of accomplishment after a workout. I like to reward myself with completing words in my head while I'm stretching. That is a technique I like to do to keep motivated. I can't forget to mention how good it feels physically to cool down! My heart beat slows down, I take deep breaths, stretch all my tight muscles, and mentally prepare for the rest of the day.

I hope after your workout you cool down for five to ten minutes.

Why is it so important?
It removes lactic acid in the bloodstream and muscles
Muscle soreness is minimized
Helps return blood to organs
(during your workout, blood floe patterns change, blood is sent to areas of the body that are stressed. " Only 15% to 20% of resting cardiac output goes to muscle, but during exhaustive exercise our muscles receive 80% to 85% of the cardiac output." (complete guide to fitness)

Interesting fact- Our body limits blood flow from our liver, kidneys, stomach, and intestines which is why we feel nausea during extensive workouts.

If you do not cool down you will stress your heart, feel dizzy, light headed, sore, and nausea. If you have only an hour at the gym, Take ten minutes to warm up and take ten minuets to cool down. That leaves you 40 minuets, more then enough time to workout. :)

How to cool down

If you were running, decrease the incline and speed after a few minutes

If you were lifting weights, stretch it out for a few minutes

What is your cooling down routine?

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