Bonus Post: Support Missing Children

Please Support Missing & Exploited Children

Good Morning.  I apologize if you were looking for a fitness post or dislike when I go off of the topic.  But, this is extremely important. During my morning routine, I watch the news or naturally get taken in by the headlines.  Lately, the headlines have been bombarded with missing children cases.  Having children I am naturally concerned.  The good news is that we all can help.  I am asking if you have a website or a blog or even an email to please place this banner on it.  No fee, no credit for anyone -  an act solely to increase awareness.  Visit their site today  It contains information on how to keep your children safe.  Many helpful tools.  Visit today! 



  1. I like in this blog very helpful and important information in this blog thanks for sharing.


  2. Jon/MMS Supplements,

    Thank you for visiting and your compliment. I enjoy sharing and researching fitness topics to help all.

    Stop by again soon!

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  3. Your blogs and every other content is so entertaining and useful It makes me come back again.


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