Great Article from Share It Fitness:Forget the Scale

by Dana R. Arevalo

I have found the information that I have been searching for.  I have asked this question and tried to research it many times.  I did find various answers and opinions but nothing so well explained as what I am about to share.  One question was does muscle weigh more than fat?  I, myself, worked out for one whole year with no breaks.  While I am not completely satisfied, my body has made great progress.  I fit in size 10 when I used to be size 14.  The problem (I thought at the time) was the scale didn't budge.  This article from "Share It Fitness" explains it all. Fitness Frank has verified  it as well. 

I agree with this article, I have lived it as described above.  The numbers on the scale do not matter.  Read the entire article:  Why the Numbers on the Scale doesn't Matter

Special thanks to Share it Fitness.  This information is vital for many.  It definitely puts all of my prior concerns to rest. 

Visit Share It Fitness for other great fitness and exercise tips. 

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  1. Your very welcome ShareItFitness. I had to share this excellent article.



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