Peanut Butter.....Natural vs Low Fat

"If you can't control your peanut butter, you can't expect to control your life" - Bill Watterson

By Dana R. Arevalo
A sticky situation, especially for peanut-butter lovers. I am not sure I have ever thought about peanut-butter in such depth until a fellow health and fitness conscious friend suggested natural peanut butter. I am also on a huge nutrition kick since last weeks post about food labels. Remember the first ingredient on the food label is what the product contains the most of. Also, remember to be aware of hidden ingredients.

With that said, I came across a natural peanut butter during my last shopping trip. Natural peanut-butter by Smuckers. First and only ingredient, peanuts... Yes, just peanuts. I was impressed. Natural peanut butter has a different texture than regular peanut-butter. The natural oils lie on the top of the peanut butter and one must mix it before eating. The nutritional content is also impressive: Sodium 0mg, Sugars 1g, Carbs 6g, Trans Fat 0g, and Protein 7g. Calories 210, Serving size 2 tablespoons.

My biggest fear was its taste. The fear is now gone, it tastes pretty good. It has a different taste then regular peanut butter but in a good, fresh, way.

Let's general choice is Skippy low-fat peanut butter. It does not contain horrible nutritional content or massive calories (in fact it has less calories per serving). Nutritional content: Sodium 17mg, Sugars 4g, Carbs 15g, Trans Fat 0g and Protein 7g. Calories 180 per every two tablespoons. Less calories does not necessarily mean a product is better. This peanut butter along with other peanut butters have hidden ingredients. Below is a picture of the ingredients of a low fat peanut butter. See for's your choice. 

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Disclosure: I will not be held legally responsible for the writing contained within this post nor any one's choice about products. It was a topic that was researched and contains factual information. I was not paid for this post. It contains my thoughts based upon research.  I am also not a nutritionist. Therefore, if you are modifying your diet it is best to consult a certified nutritionist. 


  1. Yes, health and fitness is very important that it should be done the whole year or rather your whole life. It is to keep a longer life and stronger bones and body.

  2. Bryan,

    Thank you for your comment. I completely agree - fitness should be a way of life.

    Thanks again for visiting - Come back soon!

    Dana :)


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