Powerful Motivational Messages

“If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.”
~Theodore Roosevelt

by Dana R. Arevalo

Individuals are motivated in different ways.  It is important to have motivation, inspiration, and goals.  What motivates you?  One must know, understand, and have a purpose behind their journey or aspiration.  Without a purpose motivation would be difficult, thoughts jumbled and messy.

I am motivated by positive messages, quotes, and individuals.  I admire those who keep going despite their set backs.  I have said this a million times and I apologize for being redundant but I often search for motivational quotes to re-focus my thoughts. 

I received such a welcomed response from Living Out Louder's Post, I asked for some beautiful designs for 365 Days of Health & Fitness. The purpose was motivation.  Living Out Louder designs their own graphics.  I enjoy powerful messages that I can apply to life.  Remember nothing is easy and one will make mistakes along the way, but one must remember - "Quiting is NOT an option!" Keep trying, you will be successful! 

One main goal of 365 Days is living a life of fitness and health all year long! 


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