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"Without promotion something terrible happens, NOTHING" - PT Barnum

by Dana R. Arevalo

Would you believe that there are  FREE ways to promote your blog or business? I didn't, until I found them for myself and NOW I am sharing them with you...

Mostly everyone knows that it is hard to move up in Google page rank.  I didn't experience a downfall until I changed Got Fat? to 365 Days of Health and Fitness. I became upset.  While I had active visitors and a decent Google page rank it was as if I just started the blog all over.  Pondering over what to do to bring the page rank up, I began to research ideas. 

My first thought was to continue what I had been doing for awhile.  Link sharing. Make yourself noticeable.  Network with other bloggers, have them as guest bloggers and return the favor.  Comment often on different blogs that are relevant to your topic.  If you notice, I have my favorite blogs displayed on my site to the right in a blog roll.  That is free exposure for them! 

Another idea would be to join a valid link sharing site.  I was lucky to have found Link Referral.  Link Referral is a free service that directs individuals to your site.  You must do some work on your part by visiting sites and reviewing them.  It's fun.  I track my visits and Link Referral is definitely a help.  Check them out below.
free web site traffic and promotion

Next, I came across Safe Lists.  I was working on another project which introduced me to Safe Lists.  Safe Lists are said to be the hidden "gem" of Internet marketing.  Do I agree?  I am honestly not sure yet.  It is all about experimenting to find the right fit.  Safe Lists are a "safe place" to mail business ads.  One joins the site and "agrees" to receive email from other business members.  The emails contain business opportunities, blogs, and product ads.  The mail is not considered SPAM.  It is a form of mass Internet marketing.  If you have a product, service, or want to generate more visits to your blog, this is the way to go.  I will share the ones that have been the most effective so far.  They are free!! Check them out below! 

1) Free Safe List Mailer - Members from this site do respond! 30% of the total emails sent out were opened by members from this Safe List.

2)  My Safe List Mailer - Another welcomed response - 23% responded to the advertisement from this list. - Free & Paid Credit Based Safelist Advertising

3)  List Building Maximizer - While not the same as the first two, this mailing site had a 15% response.  It is worth the try!

I hope you found this information beneficial.  If you have promotion ideas, please share with us. 

Enjoy your Day!

Dana :)


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