Attracting more Followers: Bonus Post

“Example has more followers than reason. We unconsciously imitate what pleases us, and approximate to the characters we most admire.”  ~ Christian N. Bovee

by Dana R. Arevalo 

Are you a "follower" or a "leader"?  I believe it does not matter, you can be both.  I have no problems admitting to others that I love their ideas.  I love difference and learning new things, yet I am extremely creative and love to motivate others.   

I repeat this over and over, I am so thankful to have networked with such wonderful people over the past year and have the excellent support of my current followers. 

However, I need MORE followers.  I cannot reveal what is coming next year, but I am super-excited and have started 365 Days of Health & Fitness's blogging project for 2013, which I hope to turn into an e-book for 2014. 

But, how can we draw in new followers? 

1)  This idea came from P.O.V.'s Founder Melina Druga ~ Join extra social networking forums and clubs that will draw in your target audience.  P.O.V.'s audience is primarily geared towards women, therefore,  go beyond, PinInterest, Twitter, and FaceBook.  While these are   excellent ways to promote postings, I want followers to follow my blog "publicly".  There are so many diverse social networking forums/groups.  Here are a few:  Social Network Meetup, Mommy Bloggers Club, and FitLink

2)  Learn the tricks of social engine optimization.  I am not an expert in this field, however, I take time to research SEO all the time.  Ask yourself these you know what your Alexa Rating is?  How about site-maps or page rank?  You should. 

3)  Be consistent, creative and stay on topic.  The goal is to attract individuals to your site.  Make them WANT to follow.  If they do not find your information to be relevant, fresh, or attractive, why would they want to follow?  Think about why you "follow" others.  Then review your site from a critical stand point and make any necessary changes.  I consistently update my site. 

4)  Another tip, I have to say, is not mine.  It is something I learned from being a contributing author for P.O.V., make an editorial calendar.  I have to say I always have ideas, but it is impossible to write all of the time.  Some even believe that people look forward to certain topics on specific days.  For example, I always blog about motivation on Monday's.  I found this helpful article Blog Editorial Calendar.

If you are reading now and not following, please FOLLOW :). 

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Forever, appreciate the ideas of others ~ Dana R. Arevalo


  1. Something else I have noticed as well (through experimentation) is that people are more willing to follow social media pages if they are under your name and not your blog's name.

  2. Melina,

    Thank you. I agree, I believe when you utilize your real name people are inclined to trust one more. It is more personable.

    Dana :)

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