New Blogger Award: Inspirational Star blogger Award - Pass It On : Friday Bonus

by Dana R Arevalo
"Everyone deserves their chance to shine"

Recently searching around trying determine how to award some of my favorite blogs with memorable "awards", I learned a) that the origin of many "blogger awards" are hard to find and b) the majority of blogger awards can be awarded by you...  So, if you are motivated or inspired by a noteworthy blog, you can nominate or basically award them with an award that you see fit.  The most common awards that I found were:  The Liebster Award, the Very Inspiring Blogger Award, and the the Versatile Blogger Award

I decided to develop a new blogger award...titled...the "Inspirational Star" blogger award.  Many bloggers put their time and effort into their blog just for the joy of writing, motivation, and to inspire others.  They must be recognized for their hard work and dedication.  So please spread this award to others.  

The rules are fairly simple.  First and foremost, you are not allowed to nominate yourself.  The "Inspirational Star" blogger award is to be shared with two to five blogs of your choice that have truly inspired or motivated you.   As a token of appreciation you award them by linking the title of their blog in a post on your site to include a short sentence or paragraph about "why" or "how" the blog or writer inspired or motivated you.  You must also provide them with a picture of the award displayed below, which additionally links to their site. The HTML and picture of the award can be found in the Top Left hand column please use that picture and change the link. 

I am going to award two blogs with the first two "Inspirational Star" awards ever!!!  And, the winners (in no specific order) are:

Congratulations, your site earned an "Inspirational Star" blogger award.  The Vent Box deserves this award because they found a positive, discrete way to allow individuals to let their anger out.  I commend the author of this blog on an amazing job well done!!!

This award Belongs to The Vent Box

Congratulations, your site earned an "Inspirational Star" blogger award.  I Put the Fork Down deserves this award because your site is truly amazing.  You provide a way for individuals struggling with weight loss to shine and show the world their results, one story at a time.  Keep it going!!! 

This Award Belongs to I Put The Fork Down

Some final rules 1) share with them that they have been awarded via email and, 2) as a courtesy, if you have been awarded, please award others in a post and remind them of the rules. Share with others and have fun! Have questions email Dana at

Everyone is a Star!!!


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