Vacation= Weight Gain?

TGIF with Fitness2love

It has been nice visiting family in VA! My father absolutely loves his grand baby. Ethan loves papa too. One morning Ethan walked in the living room and said "pa pa where are you!?" lol which BTW was Ethan first sentence!!! My baby is growing up soooo fast!!!

Keeping in shape..keeping your momentum and motivation during vacation is difficult, but not impossible! I feel as though people use vacation as an excuse to pig out and stop working out. You can easily enjoy vacation food and workout during vacations. All it takes is a little determination. Take the motivation you have at home to vacation with you! That's what I did! I made fitness a priory during my vacation.

I took my Insanity program with me to Virginia. It's a perfect program to take on vacation because it doesn't require any weights and it's an awesome cardiovascular workout! All the calories I burned from Insanity allowed me to eat my vacation food.

I also bought a two week membership at Golds Gym for only 35$! I went to the gym whenever a friend was willing to go with me since I didn't have a car. I was able to hit the gym at least half the time I was in Virginia. When I didn't have a ride to the gym I did Insanity at home. It wasn't necessary to buy a two week membership at the gym, but I wanted to lift weights too.

Don't automatically assume its pricey to join a gym for a few days. You will be surprised how lenient some gyms are about weekly passes. You've just got to shop around to find the cheapest one. Some gyms also have a free 7 day pass online.

In August we (my family) are going on a cruise! I plan to workout every morning on that vacation too! Especially since there will be a fully equipped gym on the cruise with babysitting included.

If you are leaving for vacation soon and you are worried about gaining weight, buy a home workout program you will enjoy... Take a look at what I've

Need help choosing a program, contact me. Vacation doesn't automatically mean weight gain.

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  1. Jennifer,

    I totally love the picture and naturally the post. Thank you for sharing this story.

    Enjoy your weekend,
    ~ D

  2. I recently went on a vacation to Bali. The food had so much sugar in it and I most often wasn't in control of what or where I ate. Portion size was my savior as well as lot's of food just made me sick. I also made sure that when I went to the beach I didn't sit, sleep and eat, I walked for hours to keep up my exercise.

    1. May,

      Good morning. Wow a vacation to Bali sounds amazing. I am impressed and happy to learn you made an effort to continue your fitness routine. We appreciate your comments. Visit often!

      Enjoy what is left of the summer,
      Dana :)


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