Sex is Healthy

"Sex is a part of nature. I go along with nature" - Marilyn Monroe

by Dana R. Arevalo 

Warning: NSFW* 18 + only.  

I believe in speaking freely about sex. Sex is part of human nature or as Marilyn Monroe said, "part of nature". Sex can be a healthy part of a well-established relationship.  It can also be a healthy activity. Exercise and fitness can make you feel extremely confident about your body, look good and feel good naked, and be comfortable about sharing your body with your partner.  

Body image and sex are definitely associated. Feel good about your body, enhance your sex life. CNN talks about body  image and sex in detail in an article titled Hate your body: 4 Ways to get your sex life back.  Some suggestions include know what both excites you and inhibits you, listen to music for motivation (this works for exercise too), and know your body concerns and boost self-esteem slowly.  If you incorporate fitness and exercise into your life confidence will come sooner...I promise.  

I wanted to have a little fun with the post so please, before you decide to run away check out some facts below.  The first infographic is some facts about sex (average calories burned) and the second the great vagina filled with pet names and fun facts.  Enjoy and have an amazing weekend....

Stay tuned for our regularly scheduled 'Fierce Friday' next week.  Via Dino Burnetti.  

*Disclosure:  This material is intended for a mature adult audience.  Please see the warning above 18 and over NSFW.  The material is the opinion of the author and 365 Days of Health and Fitness will not be responsible for any decisions made by the readers or if the material falls into the hands of the wrong audience.  Always practice safe sex.  

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