Vitamin A

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To those who don't already know, Vitamin A is a an organic compound needed for the human body as a nutrient for various roles and functions such as

  • Boost our immune system
  • Enhance growth and repair
  • Assist cells and organs carrying out their jobs.
In this post I'll give you a breakdown on our first vitamin. VITAMIN A

Benefits of Vitamin A

- flourishing skin
- keeps intestines,mouth,nose,throat and lungs healthy.
-required for sight

Where can we get Vitamin A from?

This vitamin can be gained from the fats and oils of both animal and plant foods.such foods are dark orange and green veg such as carrots,broccoli,peppers,yellow melons and peaches. Animal foods include; liver (sounds repulsive but boy its so damn good for you peeps) milk, cheese and egg yolks.
Key Note

Lack of this vitamin can result in a Vitamin A deficiency. you could experience symptoms such as bad acne, weak hair and nails , rapid weight loss , slow development of bones and faulty teeth..and quite honestly much much worse.

So to conclude guys, make sure you get enough of this nutrient. put down the choco bar and have a CARROT! you wont regret it.

 Vitamin A ? yeah budddddy!


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