69 Days Till Summer

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Originally posted
April 27, 2014 on Yahoo!
by Dana R.

"99% of the Failures come from People who have the Habit of making Excuses"~ George Washington Carver.

I am never lacking motivation, however, I am good at making excuses and procrastination when it comes to exercise. The top excuse on my personal list is TIME. I have come to the realization that my excuse is getting old. With that said...what are you waiting for? I'm done waiting. For the next 69 days I am going to motivate the HELL out of anyone who decides to read my content. Let's stick together and achieve the body and health that we deserve. Remember we are always in control of our decisions and what happens next. If one continues to make excuses, they will continue to have no progress.

First rid your mind of negativity. No one can thrive in a negative environment. My first assignment for you is to figure out what completely "psychs" you out. Music and influential people do it for me.

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