Old-Fashioned Remedies for Sick Babies

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Many parents are shying away from excessive medications and looking for more natural approaches to caring for their sick child. While eschewing physician intervention for serious illness is inappropriate, there are some all-natural, time-proven remedies for common baby complaints. Next time you child has a sore throat, a deep cough, or a slight fever, consider these old-fashioned remedies.

Take a Shower to Decongest

Humidifiers are a common device used for children with a cough but a more effective remedy is to steam up the shower. By concentrating all the steam into a single room, children can get all the benefits of breathing in the steam to loosen the mucus in their chests without creating a mold concern in their bedrooms. 

Cut an Onion for a Clear Nose

The sulfur in onions is an all-natural way to draw mucus and fluids out of your child's nose. When your baby has a stuffy nose, rather than reaching for stinky methanol, simply cut an onion and wave it under your child's nose. This alternative doesn't stain children's clothes or create a long-lasting stench in their rooms.

Baking Soda for Bug Bites

Bug bites are a nasty side effect of long summer days outdoors and itching those annoying scratches can lead to lifelong scarring. Reduce the redness and itchiness by mixing baking powder with just enough water to make a paste and apply that paste directly to the bite. The alkaline properties of the baking soda will counteract the acidic properties of the bite, allowing kids to spend their day itch-free.

Tepid Baths Fight Fever

The fevers are an altogether common occurrence for small children but they can still be nerve-wracking for parents. For children with a slight fever, a tepid (neither hot nor cold) bath can help alleviate the fever naturally. Lay your child in the bath water then dry thoroughly. 

Cayenne Pepper to Stop Nose Bleeds

Next time your child has a nose bleed, try this old-fashioned remedy. Simply dab a Q-tip into cayenne pepper and ring the inside of your child's nose with the spice. The heat will vasoconstrict the exposed vein and staunch the bleeding. Surprisingly, the pepper won't even cause any discomfort or pain to your child. 

Calm Swelling with Cucumber

Cucumbers are more than just a spa treatment addition. Cucumbers are packed with fluid and can help reduce swelling. Next time your child has a bug bite or some slight facial swelling from a fall, place a cool cucumber over the swollen area. Replace the cucumber as it returns to room temperature. 

Treat with Salt Water

Salt water is a great way to reduce mucus build up and relieve sore throats. Prepare a salt water solution and use a bulb to flush the mucus out of your child's nose. For kids old enough to gargle, gargling salt water can ease the pain and discomfort of a sore throat. 

Lemon Compress for Sore Throats and Fever

Lemon is a great all-natural remedy for many illnesses. Lemon compresses can be used to cool a fever or ease a sore throat. Simply warm a small bowl of water with added lemon and wet a cloth. Apply the cloth to the forehead for a fever or the throat for a sore throat.

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