Worried About Your Appearance After Surgery? Learn all About Reconstructive Surgery

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Written by Angela John 

Have you survived an injury? Beat cancer? Or fought a chronic disease? Well, all these deadly confrontations must have been exhausting. To top that these might have left some discomforting scars. This is where reconstructive surgery techniques step in. They help you rebuild that shattered self-confidence, restore it and rectify it. It includes minor surgeries such as removal of skin blemishes to major reconstructive surgeries such as concealing the impact of cancer and its treatments.

The advanced surgical techniques used for reconstructive surgeries will help you regain function and appearance of the effected body parts. It is extremely important for the patient planning to undergo the surgery to consult with the respective surgeon as to how the surgery will change their body. And what can be the extent of emotional impact, so that professional support can be sought in a timely manner.

The most common cause of reconstruction surgeries is to overcome the damage caused by cancer treatments. For instance, breast reconstruction surgery is generally sought after surgically removing a cancer affected breast. You can find out more details by visiting Atlanta breast reconstruction centers where you will be given a thorough diagnosis and receive sound medical advice. Talking about cancer reconstructive surgeries, these may be done to replace the nerves and normal tissue removed during the treatment for cancer that occurs in the neck and the head region. The reconstructive surgeries also apply to skin cancer patients who have been treated and require restoration of underlying tissue.

The purpose of reconstructive surgery is to repair the treatment related damage in order to provide the patient with the highest quality of life. There are cases where people fighting cancer have to undergo amputation in order to survive the disease. If that’s not the case then the radiation and chemotherapy endured during the cancer treatment causes damage to the body. In all these cases, reconstructive surgeries work quite well. The confusion occurs when you mix reconstructive surgery with cosmetic surgery; you should know that it is not the same thing. A cosmetic surgery is primarily done to enhance the looks, whereas reconstructive surgeries are performed to overcome the scarring and dis-figuration incurred during a treatment.

Now that we know what reconstructive surgery is all about, let’s have a look at the types of surgeries that are performed.

Microvascular Surgery

Most of the reconstructive surgeries are performed using micro vascular techniques also known as the “free flap surgery.” This procedure means that blood vessels and tissues are taken from one part of the patient’s body which is healthy and applied to the affected area. The stitches made during this transplant are so small that they are only visible under a microscope.

Scar Revisions

This type of reconstructive surgery is used to minimize or remove the scars that were incurred during the treatment.

Skin, Tendon and Bone Grafts 

During this surgery, a healthy piece of skin, tendon or bone is transplanted to the affected area of the body. Since the replaced tissue does not have its own blood supply, it is necessary for the blood vessels to have a smooth blood flow.

Artificial Implants

There are situations where the body part is damaged to an extent that an artificial implant can restore that part such as artificial breast implants.

Local Flap Surgery

Some healthy tissue near the affected area is moved to cover the defect. The difference between the above mentioned transplant surgeries is that using this technique, the moved flap is not detached from the blood supply or the body.

The type of reconstructive surgery to be used varies from body to body and keeping in view the severity of damage, so one surgery does not fit all. This may sound scary at first but when you have all the information you need, you are mentally prepared to undergo the process which makes things easier. This is why it is important that you sit down with your surgeon and discuss in detail, especially the after effects of the surgery. You need to know beforehand what you will be going through and how are you going to be effected physically as well as emotionally. You can learn more by visiting the reconstruction plastic surgery Atlanta centers.


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