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Written by Dana R. 

Dana here, I truly hope everyone has been enjoying the guest posts that we have been sharing over the past couple of months at 365 Days of Health and Fitness.  This is a good time to announce that our goal is to be more active and consistent in posting going forward and throughout 2016. Consistency is the key to success.  

If you would like us to cover something specific please reply here with a comment or email me directly at danarockauthor@gmail.com.  We are also always looking for health, nutrition, and fitness enthusiasts to share their ideas and posts, as well. Please see the Write For Us tab above.  

I am known to be very resourceful and I found a few notable mentions that I would like to share with you.  


No one likes headaches. I suffer from migraine headaches. I have been getting increased headaches to the point where I feel nauseous because of the pain. While there can be various triggers to migraine headaches, I find mine almost always weather based.   Fortunately, the condition is mild although it has been a true bother.  In searching for the weather forecast one day for totally something unrelated, I came across a migraine headache forecast.   The idea is genius!   

The migraine headache weather forecast I found was through AccuWeather for the New York Area.   You can however, change the location to the geographic location of your choice.  It predicts the possibility of a potential migraine based upon location and weather conditions.  The levels range 1 through 5 (1- Beneficial, 2- Neutral, 3- At Risk, 4- High Risk, 5- Extreme Risk). AccuWeather also provides other health related forecasts for aches pains and other conditions.   

Vitamin D Deficiency 

My annual blood-work revealed I was Vitamin D deficient. Simply explained, Vitamin D (the sunlight vitamin) controls the calcium and phosphorus in ones body necessary for strong bones and healthy teeth.  Vitamin D also has other vital roles in your body's function.  If left untreated Vitamin D deficiency can help lead to serious diseases such as heart disease, skeletal disease, cancer, depression and a higher risk of infections.  

The detailed infographic displayed below explains more about Vitamin D including facts and stats.  

Explore more infographics like this one on the web's largest information design community - Graphs.net.

Ocular Rosacea 

Finally, another medical term I came across and had to examine was ocular rosacea.  Being familiar with rosacea, the skin condition in which the facial skin appears reddened or flushed I was surprised to find rosacea could also be found in the eyes.  For years, I've suffered with red and blood shot eyes, as I have a mild rosacea on my face.  Could it be ocular rosacea? 

Rosacea Review (Spring 2015) reported that many people do not realize that their eye discomfort can be linked to their skin disorder.  The symptoms seem similar to eye allergies (itchy, burning, bloodshot or red).  If you are experiencing problems with your eyes, it is important to seek the advice of your dermatologist and ophthalmologist for an accurate diagnosis with treatment.   

In essence, while the information in the above article was for diverse parts of the body and totally unrelated the purpose was to deliver interesting helpful health facts.  We do hope you have found the information useful and beneficial.  

Have a Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving!   


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