The Best Way to Remove Calluses from Feet Begins with Causes

Written by Arya Mullen

Not sure about the best way to remove calluses from feet? If you are unhappy with the classic pumice stone, maybe you should try some of the other options out there. For example, plenty of people rely on 100% natural recipes, which are mostly based on groceries. They work, indeed, yet they require a few days – depending on how thick calluses are. Some others go for something else – the modern callus remover. This is the professional way to do it. Callus removers are quite popular in salons, but they have become available to everyone out there. They are inexpensive, easy to use and extremely efficient.

However, when looking for the best way to remove calluses from feet, you should also know that failing to clear the causes will make everything in vain. When you identify and eliminate causes, chances are calluses will no longer return. Otherwise, it becomes an ongoing removal process. Of course, there are situations when you simply cannot get rid of some aspects. Maybe you got loose shoes or perhaps your feet are extremely tight. Perhaps you need to wear sandals or high heels at work. All these things will “successfully” stimulate the apparition of calluses, hence the necessity of some research.

Apart from wearing socks and getting properly fitting shoes, you might want to pay attention to your lifestyle too.

Using Specific Equipment and Tools

You do not really use too much equipment with your feet, but then, you should know that calluses may also show up on hands as well. Whether you use these things at work or in your backyard, protecting yourself accordingly is a must. For example, people who work in specific industries should wear gloves for protection. If you like gardening or crafting, maybe you should also get some gloves. Such tools put pressure on hands, so they cause the apparition of calluses. They are also likely to rub against hands. Guitarists might develop calluses on their fingers, so pay special attention to any area exposed to friction.

Other Common Causes of Calluses

Finding the best way to remove calluses from feet depends on the causes too. If your feet tend to sweat a lot, the skin softens and becomes even more exposed to friction. Calluses will inevitably show up as well.

How about standing for long periods of time? No matter what your job implies, standing for hours will inevitably put a lot of pressure on the soles. As a direct consequence, calluses will show up sooner or later.

How about foot related problems? Bunions represent one of the most common causes of calluses, but the same goes for hammer toes. The nature of these problems makes your feet vulnerable to friction and pressure.


The good news is that calluses are not harmful, yet it might be wise to find the best way to remove calluses from feet as soon as possible. With time, the callus goes thicker and thicker, so it may also become uncomfortable and even painful.

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