5 Common Health Mistakes Women Make In Their 30'S

Written by Evlin Symon

Turning 30 makes most women feel officially mature. Others feel satisfied in life as they are employed, are earning and have families. They, therefore, may get too comfortable and forget some of the vital details they need not to forget.  The age has a significant role in the life of any woman for various reasons.  It is vital to keep caring for the body and the health as failure to this leads to damages that are not easy to recover from.  At 40, most of the damages on the body and even the skin are hard and some impossible to change and manage. Unfortunately, most people will make these mistakes.

Stop Seeing the Doctor and Neglecting Medication
Most women in this age, according to health products reviews, avoid clinics and hospitals.  Some women have schedules that are too fixed or busy such that they do not squeeze time to see the doctor. Ironically, this is the period when women need to visit the clinics severally for productive issues. This is because most are in the process of bringing up families. Women stop taking screening exams with the doctors. They do not make any appointments. Surprisingly, women at this age do not go even when they are expectant. They go when it is almost time for delivery.  Blood screens are essential at this age, but women just ignore the facts.  There is a need to keep on check the cholesterol levels and blood pressure. Most women still do not take their medication. In this age, most women suffer anemia and therefore need to take multivitamins. Unfortunately, most women keep the prescriptions and later throw them away on expiring. Worse still, some do not even get the supplements from their therapists or doctors. 

Forgetting some Hygiene Practices

The woman at this age claims to be occupied and busty all the time. To some extent, this is a fact. They have to work and take care of families. However, hygiene for ladies needs to be a priority always. Brushing the teeth after meals, for example, is a practice most women forget. Still, some forget to do it in the morning. It is essential to squeeze some time to brush after the meals.  Failure to this, the damage to the enamel may occur. This explains the reason some women in this age have issues with teeth. Some of the issues include enamel damage, tooth ache, and tooth sensitivity.

Unhealthy Habits and Lifestyle

Smoking is common in women in this age. Smoking is harmful to the body and most of the organs too. Lung damage occurs in most smokers.  It is essential for women to quit the behavior and habit of smoking as early as possible. Better still, they could avoid the behavior. Recovering from the damages of the nicotine and the tar is hard. Still, most women continue to drink a lot in their 30s.  The metabolism in the body reduces as age increases. Pressing down of the alcohol in the body is thus harder than it was in the 20s.  Limit the amount of alcohol you use. Most women at this age are careless about meal choices. Consequently, the mistake may lead to overweight and obesity. The two are associated with other health issues and conditions. More women get home late and think that the best option is to buy food in the market. They end up buying unhealthy snacks and fast foods. If the behavior persists, it will have harmful health effects on the body and the family. It is essential to cook fresh foods in the house. Include vegetables in the diet. Also, have fresh and clean fruits in plenty.  Processed foods and sweets are bad options.

Thinking you are no longer Fertile

Fertility in women begins to go down in the ages of 35. It does not imply however that that is the age when most women are infertile. The truth is, most women give birth even at 35 years. It is essential to keep visiting your doctor to see your progress regarding fertility issues.  Getting pregnant is a possibility. Taking care of the reproductive health ensures that you do not have complications in case of pregnancy. Better still, it will help reduce the occurrence of any unplanned pregnancies. Most women, however, ignore this. 

Forget to Love the Skin

There are factors that lead to changes in the skin for women in the ages of 30. The changes in hormones, for example, may increase pimples on the skin. Diet is another contributor. Also, stress resulting from family, chores and work may cause harmful effects on the skin. Health products reviews insist on the importance of using products that care for the skin.


Most women at 30 forget many important issues. Majorly, they get careless with choices in dieting and lifestyle. It is, however, important for them to create time in the tight or fixed schedules to ensure a healthy life and that they do not ignore or forget essential health tips. It is better and essential to be careful than to try fixing the issues later at older ages.





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