Brightening Mask for Fairer Skin This Winter

                                Written by Evlin Symon

During the summer tan, golden skin is the rage. People lay out in the sun for hours and fake tan to achieve this goddess like look. However, during the winter, this isn’t the look that fashionistas are going for. Instead of looking like a goddess, women strive to look more like a porcelain doll. Beautiful fair skin is the ideal complexion for winter. Some people naturally have this complexion but if you are looking to achieve this fair complexion or if you want to get rid of a tan that is left over on your skin from the summer season you should apply a brightening mask.

You can buy a brightening mask or you can even make your own if you know the ingredients that are the best skin brighteners. We are about to give you the best do it yourself recipes and the best masks on the market to achieve fairer skin.

Do it yourself recipes
1. Lemon, yogurt, and honey mask
1/2 tablespoon fresh lemon
1/4 cup full fat yogurt
2 teaspoons raw honey

Mix your ingredients in a small bowl and apply to the face for about 10 minutes. Rinse it off in your sink with cold water. The lemon in the mixture is a very powerful ingredient for skin lightening. It contains a high amount of vitamin C. Vitamin C is fabulous for brightening the skin as it has the capability to reduce the amount of melanin that is given to the surface of the skin and it also lightens dark spots on the face. The yogurt in the mixture also has lightening capabilities. Yogurt is a dairy product and contains lactic acid. When it is used on the surface of the skin lactic acid can lighten the skin. The honey also has benefits. Honey is a natural anti-bacterial agent. You will purify the skin and it is also a wonderful natural moisturizer.

2. Gram flour, olive oil, and oat mask
2 tablespoons of gram flour
½ tablespoon of olive oil
1 teaspoon raw oats
Mix your ingredients together until there are no lumps left in the mixture from the flour and apply to the skin for ten minutes before washing off with cold water. The gram flour is flour that is created by grinding chickpeas. It has been used throughout the ages to lighten the skin naturally. Olive oil provides moisture to the skin and lightens dark spots and uneven tones in the skin. The raw oats will exfoliate the skin as you rinse the mask off, this will help remove any skin cells from the skin that have been tanned by the sun.

3. Turmeric, papaya, and milk mask
1 ½ tablespoons ground turmeric
1/2 tablespoon pureed papaya
1 tablespoon milk

Stir your ingredients until they are fully combined, apply to the skin, and rinse with cold water after ten minutes. This mask is a little messy because of the ground turmeric; it has a bright yellow, orange color that makes it difficult to work with. You should be careful to wipe it up directly after it spills on any surface to avoid permanent stains. However, it is great for lightening the skin naturally. Papaya is fortified with a natural enzyme that lightens the skin. Milk is packed with the same lactic acid that is in yogurt giving it vast skin whitening abilities.

Masks on the market
1. Mario Badescu Whitening Mask
The Mario Badescu Whitening Mask is great for those who want to lighten their skin for winter. This moisturizing product mask will help improve an uneven skin complexion and gently reduce the appearance of old acne scars and damage from the sun. It is full of skin whitening and natural ingredients like kojic acid, licorice and mulberry. The gentle nature of this mask makes it safe for use on all skin types even sensitive skin. Unlike other harsh whitening products on the market it doesn’t contain any alpha hydroxy acids so, it will not react badly with anyone who has skin that is prone to acne and breakouts.

2. Freeman Golden Grain Beautiful Brightening Mask
This mask is a great value for the awesome results that it provides. It provides ample moisture to the skin and lightens the tone of the skin at the same time making perfect for dry skin during the winter season. It is fortified with nourishing golden grain as well as vitamin C which is proven by science to lighten the tone of the skin and perfect dark spots.

3. Shiseido White Lucent Power Brightening Mask
This mask is a fan favorite because it delivers results. It is a sheet mask that you apply to the surface of the skin and peel off after it has set on the skin. It is created using an ingredient called 4MSK that sloughs off skin cells that have melanin, skin pigment, in them.

In conclusion
These masks are sure to provide you with fair skin this summer. You can use this guide to create your own mask or buy one if you don’t have the time.



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