How to Get Flawless Lips in Five Steps

Written by Evlin Symon

Full and softer lips are good for attractive looks. However, you need to follow simple steps to have great looking lips. For flawless lips, you can start by regularly exfoliating so that you can be at your best. It is also essential to condition the lips thus making them bright and pretty. It is also essential to ensure that you remain hydrated. Make these habits long term and practice them each day. Results are visible if you are consistent and follow the steps right. Below are the steps you can follow to have great and flawless lips.

Use a Lip Scrub to Exfoliate Your Lips

Your lips’ skin is usually delicate and thus easily dries and starts flaking. If the lips are dry, or they seem to be cracking, it is advisable to stop covering them up. You have to condition them as the covering up does not help. Use a lip scrub that is light and the tip can help improve the lips’ appearance. You can get the scrub in a local store. However, you can do the following, to come up with the lip scrub.  Mix sugar with honey and use a teaspoon of each. After this, use warm water to wet your lips. Ensure that you use circular motions while rubbing the scrub. After doing the scrubbing, rinse the lips. If there is a need to redo the scrubbing, repeat the scrubbing. In case the lips are too dry avoid using the scrub, and, in this case, you can use a toothbrush.  Wet the lips and using a toothbrush, correct the condition by rubbing in circular motions.  If the skin flakes after rinsing, repeat. In the corrective exercise, avoid the use of a brittle toothbrush. Instead, use one with soft bristles.  Otherwise, a brittle brush irritates the lips thus making them painful and this worsens the initial problem. Cracked lips need the exercise more regularly. You can, therefore, exfoliate the lips each day. Ensure you moisturize after exfoliating.

Nourish Your Lips with Homemade Serum

The serum is more like a face mask. However, it is for the lips.  The mixture is nourishing to the lips as it moisturizes the lips as well as brightening them. The results of using the serum can last longer for the lips.  The serum can also help plump up your lips. To bring good and better looks to the lips, always ensure to use a serum after you exfoliate. Use these steps. First, mix aloe or honey with coconut or olive oil. Each should be one teaspoonful. Use the mixture to rub the lips. After this, allow the serum to remain on the lips till it absorbs. Let this be ten minutes.  You can then use water to rinse off the excess serum from the lips.

Use a natural Lip Plumper

To pump up the lips, injections and using expensive products is unnecessary.  Increasing the blood circulation is a better method for achieving beautiful plump lips. Apply a substance that is capable of drawing blood to the lips.  To get the boost, you can apply the lip plumper any time you think you require it.  Use half a teaspoon of coconut or olive oil and mix with cayenne pepper. You can also cut ginger freshly and rub it on the lips.  These natural products are inexpensive and yet give good results of improving the looks of your lips. Since the lips are more exposed to substances than we may think, it is essential to keep moisturizing them.  Exposures include hot and cold drinks, food, the sun, the wind and the polluted air.

Add Color and Shine to Your Lips

If you keep and maintain the lip in a good state or condition, it is easier to make them healthy and beautiful. If you do not like colors on the lips, use tinted lip balm for a good look.  Use the color you want as they are all available. If you are choosing lip color, it is essential to go for colors that are good for the lips and is complementary to the lips.  Choose the right lipstick by learning the skin temperature you have. It could be neutral, cool or warm. Condition the lips before using lipstick on them.  While applying the lips stick, ensure it does not leave and go beyond that natural lip line.  Apply lipstick without leaving gaps on the lips. All these tips ensure you have a good look, and you look stylish.

Keep the Lips Healthy

Protect them from sun heat.  Sun exposure makes the lips appear darker. It also causes them to dry. Have a good choice of lip balm to remain in good looks even in the summer. It is also essential to ensure that you moisturize the lips properly especially if there is dry weather. Hydrating gives the lips a better and fuller look. Drink enough water to avoid lip dryness.


In conclusion, keeping the lips flawless and beautiful requires you to have a routine. These steps require consistency if the lips are to remain great. Do not leave out any step as all are essential. Above all, remember to use the products that suit your skin type and your skin temperature. Maintaining good and healthy lips does not require too much sacrifice. Instead, it needs a simple routine.



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