Erase Your Fine Lines and Wrinkles with These Tips!!

Written by Evlin Symon

Whether we like to admit it or not, it is not easy to face the signs of aging. Each morning, we analyze ourselves in the mirror and we notice both fine lines and wrinkles. Even though these add more expressivity to our appearance, we cannot help but feel like we are defenseless when it comes to fighting these signs of aging. If you are looking to erase both your fine lines and wrinkles, we are more than pleased to help you. In the paragraphs that follow, we present a number of important tips regarding this subject.

#1 Anti-wrinkle serum, your best friend
The anti-wrinkle serum is more effective than any of the eye creams that are present on the market, as you will have the opportunity to see for yourself. According to the specialists in the field, it is recommended that you purchase one that contains both nourishing vitamins and antioxidants. Eye serums may also contain ingredients that are going to stimulate the production of collagen at the level of the skin, so be sure to be on the lookout for such a product. For prophylactic purposes, purchase a product that also functions as a sunscreen, protecting the area around the eyes from further damage.

#2 Temporary fillers for camouflage purposes
At some point, you may no longer eliminate the fine lines under eyes. However, this does not mean you should despair. On the contrary, you can try a clever trick and use a temporary filler in order to camouflage them. Temporary fillers are especially recommended in the situation that you have developed crow’s feet. This product can definitely make you look younger, but you need to make sure that you will choose one that has natural ingredients, such as wild acacia. In order to benefit from its properties, it is recommended that you apply the temporary filler several times per day.

#3 Retinoid & moisturizer combo
Sometimes, knowing the right combinations is one of the best ways to fight the consequences of aging. For a long time now, retinoids have been presented as some of the most efficient products against fine lines & wrinkles. However, if you want for these to be even more efficient, it is recommended that you mix them with a good-quality moisturizer. In the situation that you have a highly sensitive skin, it is indicated that you apply the moisturizer first, as it will hydrate the skin and will prevent the retinoid cream from harming the skin (no redness or flaking).

#4 The right foundation does matter
Many women have gotten accustomed to using the cream foundation, despite the fact that this product constantly ends up piled in the wrinkles and fine lines under the eyes. If you want to avoid such problems in the future and also make your wrinkles less visible, it is recommended that you say goodbye to your cream foundation. Instead, choose liquid foundation, as it is lightweight and easy to apply. Moreover, it will guarantee a uniform aspect of the skin tone, without building up in the creases of the skin.

#5 Gloss is always a better choice than lipstick
When you are young, it is only normal that you believe a bright lipstick is one of the best ways to show off your beautiful lips. However, as you begin to age, the lipstick will only bring out the fine lines that have formed around the lips. If you want to make these less visible, it is high time you switched the lipstick with a hydrating lip gloss. On one hand, the lip gloss can actually fill those lines, even though its effect is only temporary. On the other hand, it is a known fact that gloss does not crease in the way that lipstick does. And, yes, matte lipsticks are the worst, as they tend to stick to the skin, making the fine lines, even more, obvious.

These are several recommendations that can be tried when it comes to eliminating fine lines and wrinkles. Even though it might not be possible to eliminate them altogether, this does not mean you cannot use these tricks to make them less visible. In the end, what matters is that you improve your exterior appearance and look younger than you really are. And, remember, a healthy-looking skin begins with eating right and drinking plenty of water. If you do not drink adequate quantities of water, your skin will dehydrate and both the fine lines & wrinkles are going to be more visible. With a few careful tricks and by taking good care of yourself, you will definitely be the envy for everyone. Think about the tricks and tips that have been presented above and do not hesitate to give them a try.



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