6 Things Under Your Eyes Dark Circles are Telling You.

Written by Evlin Symon

For years, many have suffered from tired and fatigued looking eyes, mostly due to the darkness located directly beneath the eye and extending to the bridge of the nose.  Often these exist even when a person feels that they are well rested and have obtained an adequate amount of sleep.  What happened during the night that caused you to wake up to a tired looking you? 

The 6 top causes and helpful suggestions
These dark circles that develop under the eyes are caused by a number of things; some controllable while others are not.  Read on while we explore what 6 of the things these nagging dark circles say about you? 

1. Those dark circles can represent a lack of restful sleep.  
While you may be sleeping, you may not be receiving the restful sleep one fully needs, especially if you waken during the night several times. Consulting your health provider regarding your sleep patterns might be advantageous.  Otherwise, it could be something as simple as using the wrong pillow.  For example, using a slightly larger pillow will raise your head high enough to discourage the blood from pooling in the eyes during the night.  Additionally, using cold compresses under the eyes for a few minutes immediately after arising will help to constrict the blood vessels, again discouraging the formation of the black circles.

2. Allergies can also be of serious consideration to the presence of dark circles.  
If you suffer from contact allergies, make sure that your sleep area is free of all allergens and use allergen covers if necessary.  And, don't rub your eyes! Consider using down-alternatives if you enjoy that fluffy down comforter on your bed.  Environmental allergies can also play a significant part in the problem. Use caution with all fragrances and chemicals throughout your home. If you know you have a problem with something, remove it.  The use of over-the-counter antihistamines may also help with your symptoms.

3. If you suffer from any form of dermatitis, this could also be the problem.  
While this is similar to an allergy, dermatitis could exist due to a rubbing or touching of the area.  The most common dermatitis would be atopic or eczema.  Often this condition will cause a constant rubbing making the skin darker and thicker in appearance.  Consulting your dermatologist or another health advisor for advice would be advised. 

4. Let's not forget about genetics; it seems that according to some studies genetics accounts for the majority of dark circles.
Genetics create all sorts of things both good and bad, and unfortunately, dark circles under the eyes can be for the same reasons that others in your family have them too.  There's not much you can do for these types of dark under the eye circles other than use eye creams and cover-ups.

5. And of course, we all get older, so aging can also present a factor.  
This is due in part to the fact that as we age, our skin becomes thinner allowing the darker blood vessels near the eye to become more noticeable.  Add in the loss of collagen and fatty tissue and dark circles become a clear sign of aging.  Using creams and other treatments that help to increase the production of collagen may help alleviate some of the problems.  One that includes retinol and Vitamin C should help to lighten the dark areas beneath the eyes.

6. Lastly, a poor or unhealthy lifestyle can cause this dilemma.  
Do you eat right?  Are you eating healthy and frequent meals?  Do you smoke or over-indulge in drink?  Are you one of those who stays up all night watching television or using your computer?  All of these things weaken your immune system, and since your eyes are the windows of you soul, they tell a big story about you.  Overindulging is extremely prominent in society today.  The extreme use of drugs and alcohol drain the body of needed nutrients causing your body to become stressed.  Use of these substances can also cause dehydration, which will intensify these dark circles as well.  Changing to a nutritious diet and improving your overall lifestyle will not only help your dark circles, but probably your overall health and outlook on life.

In summary, dark circles under the eyes may be your body telling you of several conditions or situations:
  • Lack of rest
  • Allergies
  • Dermatitis
  • Genetics
  • Aging 
  • Lifestyle
We all should learn to listen to our bodies, it's telling on you.  If we learn to listen and act on what we learn, perhaps we can improve our overall health prior to something going drastically wrong. It would be recommended that should you experience dark circles underneath your eyes that are persistent, perhaps a consultation with your health provider should be considered.



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