Five Useful Baking Soda Secrets

Written by Dana Rockwell

At my house, baking soda is more than just a baking staple.  It has helped clean my silver jewelry, take out difficult laundry stains, and more.  It is wise to have at least four boxes of baking soda at hand maybe five.  Two boxes at all times to keep the refrigerator and freezer deodorized, one box for the laundry room, one for baking, and one under the bathroom sink so that you can utilize the five following baking soda secrets. 

Quick fix for hair.  Baking soda can double as a quick dry shampoo.  I often use it to absorb excess oil present at the roots of my hair.  It is especially helpful when you wake up in a rush. I simply place a small amount on my roots and rub it gently around as you would gel or any other hair care product.  Then comb hair with a brush while applying heat from the dryer.

Exfoliant.   Baking soda doubles as a valuable skin exfoliant. When adding water to baking soda it forms a paste which can be used on ones face and body.  I have not tried it on my face, however, I use it in the shower to scrub under my arms and on my legs to eliminate dry skin.  It is also good to use before shaving.  

Cleanser.  A few days ago, I ran out of our usual bathroom cleaner, so I decided to try baking soda.  It cleaned the sink and toilet just as well as the usual cleanser.  In fact, it left the sink shining.  I was thoroughly satisfied.   Simply sprinkle some baking soda into the sink and add a little hot water to form a paste and then scrub.  

Silver Cleaner.  I had many pieces of silver jewelry that had tarnished.  Upon doing some research, I found a simple solution to clean the pieces. 

Gather a small bowl, aluminum foil, baking soda, tongs, and a tea pot or pot to boil water. First, align the bowl with aluminum foil and place your jewelry at the bottom.  Next sprinkle baking soda into the bowl.  One to two teaspoons is sufficient depending upon the amount of jewelry to be cleaned. Boil water.  Once water is boiled, simply pour it over the jewelry and wait about two to five minutes. You will hear a sizzling sound.  Remove jewelry promptly with tongs.  Be extremely careful as the water can burn you.  I assure you that this method removes the tarnish.  

Stain Remover.  Every time my children or myself have a stain, we run to my grandmother -stain remover expert-, still at 90-years-old.  It is not fun to have red marker or pen on school uniforms.  Or, hair dye on your favorite shirt. 

Baking soda undoubtedly removes most stains. I do one of two things:  a) place soiled clothing into sink adding baking soda and hot water.  Let soak for a few hours. b) make a baking soda paste (hot water and baking soda) and rub it on the stains letting it sit for a few hours.  Then wash and stain should disappear. 

Although, we only reviewed five, baking soda has a multitude of uses.  I consider it being a top natural remedy.  It is safe and works wonders.  


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