Give Up, to Keep Up

"It is easier to prevent bad habits then to break them" - B. Franklin

Good Morning,

I have been reviewing some archived posts and came across one titled Give Up, to Keep Up.  It was originally posted on our BlogSpot site and deserves to be highlighted as a must read.  The title is slightly ironic but it makes sense. 

Here is a small blurb ~

Congratulations if you made it with me to day two.  I woke up this morning and tried to procrastinate. I am so sore but I did it! I feel great too.   I am slowly learning that if I don't stick with something it is easy to give up.  However, we don't want to give up good habits and routines.  But today's assignment is to give up something that is our way or that can keep us from our goals.   Come ON there has to be something that you can give up in order to keep up.  Keep focused.

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I find motivation necessary to keep moving forward, therefore, I decided to share this post. Obstacles and negativity will always be present and we decide the outcome based upon how it is handled. 

Enjoy the upcoming weekend.  Try to give up something bad or avoid something bad, so that you can Give Up, to Keep Up. 

Your gracious Founder ~


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