Fitness & Leisure: The Perfect Combination?

For a lot of people out there, starting the process of getting fit can be a tough task. In simple terms, they just don’t enjoy it - and with good reason, too. They might not appreciate the pressures and stigma of going to the gym when you are overweight. They might find working out on their own dull and boring. And, of course, they might struggle to motivate themselves to achieve their goals.

So, if you are one of these many people who find it hard to stay on track, read on. We’ve put together a few ideas that look at approaching fitness in a more leisurely - but still effective - way. Ready for a new you? Let’s get started.

Find a partner

First of all, it can be an impossible task trying to get fit on your own. So, your first step is to find someone who will go through the process with you. You will need to enjoy their company, of course - or it will become more like working out tan leisure. But, when you go through something with someone else, you will drive each other on, and get the encouragement you need. You start to depend on each other, which makes it easier to achieve your goals.

Join a team

Team sports can be an excellent way to get fit - so why not give it a try? There are plenty of sports clubs out there for all kinds of abilities, and when you have the backing of a team, it can be a lot of fun. You will get encouragement, learn new skills, and it is an enjoyable experience to be part of a team. It could be swimming, netball, football - whatever floats your boat. As long as you are up and moving once or twice a week, it’s going to do you a lot of favours.


Is there a better way of getting out there and exploring new places than on a bike? You can bring the whole family with you - get a new set of bikes, look into multi bike insurance, and away you go. You will burn a lot more calories than you will by just walking, and you will get to know a lot about your local areas of natural beauty, too.

Play more

When people think about exercise, they tend to think ‘workouts’. But, just being active can be more than enough to get you started on the road to fitness. And, what more fun way of going about it is there than playing? Play football with the kids, throw a frisbee around the park, go for a game of chase in your local woods. If you can spend an hour doing fun activities three or four times a week, you will see the benefits. And, more to the point, so will your children and family.

Walk faster

If all else fails, why not just go about your daily business in a faster way? As long as you are raising your heartbeat two or three times a day, you will be doing yourself good. Even walking more rapidly to and from work can help - or even when you are out in the supermarkets. Try and see everything you do as an opportunity to lose some calories. Pretty soon, you will feel better and more able to take up some harder challenges.


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