Celebrate Life

"Poets are damned… but see with the eyes of angels" ~ A. Ginsberg

Written by Dana Rockwell

Happy Mother's Day to all of our readers, contributing authors, friends, and family.   

At the end of last month, on April 22nd, I lost my beloved grandmother, Adelaide.  Her and my grandmother, Helen are now two of my special angels who watch over me and my family.  Being that today is Mother's Day, and my grandmother recently passed, I was feeling emotional. I was reflecting and thought about many of our special moments and the advice she often gave to me, I can vividly hear her voice as I think of our conversations.   Around May of last year, I had a problem and ran over to my grandmothers house to hear her words of wisdom.  Sadly, now I cannot do this.     

Grandmothers are very comforting.  Our angels on earth. Our confidants. Our wisdom.  Women who truly inspire us.  She will be missed dearly, and rather than dwelling on sadness she would want all who have loved her to celebrate her life.  

Cook/Family Time- Grandma had me make several Italian meals for her in the months before her passing. Dinner had to be served at a specific time with everyone present at the table. In memory of my grandmother, I plan to continue to meet with family and share special moments at the table with delicious meals. 

Help Others - My grandmother was always giving things away to others.  When we visited her we always left with more than we came with.  I plan to donate items I do not need to those in need.  

Celebrate Small Achievements - Grandma always bragged about her family's achievements, big small and otherwise.   I plan to celebrate every small achievement. The idea of celebrating small achievements came from an article title 5 Simple Ways to Celebrate Life.

Read more often Grandma loved to read the newspaper every morning without fail. She often called her family to tell them about what she read at times sending or saving the articles.  My sister and I read her a few articles in her last days to help keep her daily routine intact.  I plan to read at least one newspaper article daily.    

There are so many ways to celebrate life and your loved ones who've passed.  Think of what they would have wanted you to do.  I have been doing just that through this difficult time and grieving process.  I've been celebrating all the little moments to keep my grandmother alive in my heart.  We are alive and should make every moment count.  


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