Essential Info You Need If You Injure Your Finger!

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It’s so easy to injure your finger when you are going through your daily life. Whether you end up smashing it against something or trap it in a door, a finger can easily end up being injured. A lot of people leave it, but there are some warning signs you should know about. Don’t panic, and read this info, to know what to do if you hurt your finger.

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Run it under the tap

If you have hurt your finger, one of the first things you should do is to run it under the tap. Make sure the water is cold as it’s great for numbing the finger. You can also get some ice and wrap it in a towel, and apply it to the finger. It can help to reduce any swelling and bruising, and may prevent further injury to the finger.

Keep an eye on it for a day

Once you have hurt your finger, you should keep an eye on the finger for a day to see what happens. If there is no immediate pain, it doesn’t mean that pain can occur later, so it’s best to keep checking if the finger does get any worse. Remember that if you are finding it hard to lift and move the finger, you should go and seek further help.

Watch out for pain

One of the top ways to know if you have a fracture is if you have pain immediately after you have hurt your finger. As this article reveals, the signs of a broken finger is pain and if your finger starts to look deformed. The best way of knowing whether it is broken is to go and see the doctor. They will be able to do an X-ray to check if it is broken. You don’t want to leave a finger without treatment if it needs it. Otherwise, you are more likely to develop further problems. You can also develop Arthritis which can occur after a trauma to the joint.

Look out for blood

Another thing you should watch out for after you have hurt your finger is blood underneath the fingernail. Your finger might start turning a black or purple color which is called subungual hematoma. If you are getting pain as well, you need to go and see the doctor, who will remove the blood from underneath the nail. You can read more about this online from sites such as

Keep an eye for swelling

After you have hurt your finger, you need to watch out for swelling which is a sign that you have broken tiny blood vessels in your finger. You should go and see the doctor if the swelling continues after a couple of hours.

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Go for surgery

If you have broken your finger, they will try using a splint first, but might need to do surgery to ensure it’s stable.  There are several ways they can sort it, and they will talk to you about them first. They may pin the bones with small wires, or they may need to use plates and screws to get the bones to stay in place.

Remember our fingers help us on a daily basis, so try and prevent them from injury.


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